Placement of professional and Skilled human resources

placement of professional and Skilled human resources
Placement of professional and Skilled human resources

3M International provide with an entire suite of Human Resource (HR) services. Starting with recruitment and moving through the entire employee life cycle, our services improve your talent management, reduce costs, and improve efficiency by simplifying your procedures.

We provide HR services tailored to any industry. 3M International offers a full range of human resource consulting services, which can support you to attain compliance, implement best HR practices and be situated for strategic growth. Our range of HR expertise is supreme due to our widespread expert HR network. Our complete suite of knowledge and experience permits us to deliver the ultimate in human resources support and deliver winning solutions to our customers.

Human Resource may include, but are not limited to :

  • Engineers highly skilled technicians in mechanical/electrical & plumbing
  • Skilled carpenters & masonaries safety professionals
  • Team leaders in different skilled units.